Airlie Beach, Australia – A Tourist Hotspot!

A great place for a tourist to stay in the whole of Australia is that of Airlie Beach. Its a small town that is situated close to the great barrier reef in the region of Whitsunday, thus making it ideal for the tourist to spend some time and take in the views and experience the joys.
The name of Whitsunday Islands actually came from the famous Captain James Cook, the explorer, back in 1770. He was travelling the area apparently on the day of Whitsunday – the Christian festival – and hence the name was given. Read more on airlie beach accommodation.

How To Get To Airlie
There is an airport not far from Airlie Beach – Prosperine Airport, also known as Whitsunday Coast Airport. Flights are provided by Jetstar and Richard Branson’s Virgin Airlines. There is an east coast train that stops at Airlie too and coaches provided by both Greyhound and Premier which travel regularly between Cairns and Brisbane.

Getting Around When There
Once you arrive at the airport there is a choice between a regular bus service which goes to the town of Airlie Beach or you can travel by taxi. Both are the same price – $15 Australian. The journey takes around 40 minutes from the airport to town center.

What To Do At Airlie
Although you may think it, Airlie Beach is not the best place to take a swim. Between October and May jellyfish frequent the coastal waters and unless you wear a special diving suit called a “stinger suit” swimming becomes impossible. However, to compensate for this, there is a lovely man-made lagoon which is ideal to take a swim, and of course its very safe for the kids too. The lagoon is watched over by life guards just to make it even more safe for bathers. On Saturday mornings there is a local market beside the beach that sells local crafts and local food stuffs. All in all Airlie Beach is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy some of lifes’ pleasures!

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