What To Look For In The Best Baby Cribs

best baby cribs
best baby cribs

Choosing a crib is a very important part of preparing for baby. This is their bed for a couple of years, and they will spend quite a bit of time in it. In all honesty, would you want to spend so much time in an uncomfortable and unsafe bed?Learn more at  https://infantstuffreviews.com/best-baby-crib/

In today’s world, there is more to a crib than just being a bed. There are many things to consider. There are safety measures you need to make sure your crib has as well as the many different types of cribs that are on the market. There are many things for you to consider as you shop for your baby’s crib.

Crib Standards
There are some things that are not options for your baby’s crib. These have developed over the years to ensure the safety of your baby.

Safety Checked – Make sure that the crib you are considering buying has been through the right quality checks and have been endorsed by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association as well as checking for any recalls.

Spaces Between Slats – The slats in your crib should not be more than 2.33 inches apart. This is to protect your baby’s head from getting caught between the slats.

Safe Corners – You don’t want the corner posts higher than.06 inches.

Mattress Height – Many cribs have the ability to allow you to change the height of the mattress based on the size of your baby.

Stable – You don’t want a crib that wobbles and can dump your baby out. Make sure the crib you are buying is stable.

Standard Frame Size – You want a crib frame to fit a standard mattress that measures about 51.75 inches long and 27.75 inches wide. The mattress needs to fit the frame. This is important for the safety of your child.
Types of Cribs

  1. Convertible and Fixed Cribs
    There are two cribs that are the most commonly purchased: the convertible crib and the fixed crib. The convertible crib is exactly what it sounds like. It can be easily changed from a crib to a toddler bed as the baby matures and grows out of the crib but is still not ready for that big kid’s bed. It can either be a toddler bed or a daybed depending upon your needs. Typically a railing is removed to allow for the conversion. These have become very popular over the last few years and the trend is growing. You can get a lot of use out of the convertible crib.
    The fixed crib does not change and is only a crib that is used while the baby needs it. It comes as it is with a footboard and a headboard along with two railings which can be moveable.
    • Saves money with just one purchase
    • Versatile
    • Use over more than a year
    • Generally costs more at first
    • Stability not as strong because of movable parts.
    • No chance of decorating changes with the same bed used for several years.
    Fixed Cribs:
    •Don’t take up much space
    •You are not tied to one type of bed for years
    •Cheaper when first buying
    •You’ll have to buy another bed eventually
  2. Rounded Cribs
    These are not the standard square cribs you find in most stores. These can be round or oval which does not take up near as much space. This allows the baby to feel boxed in. Keep in mind that these types of cribs mean that you are using standard mattresses. Get the right mattresses for the kind of crib if you are wanting it.
  3. Corner Baby Cribs
    Many people are having babies in small apartments are as they are living parents and other loved ones. Space is not always available for standard cribs. That is where the corner crib comes into play as it fits perfectly in any corner and stays out of the way. It has also been noted how this type of crib seems to work best for multiple sets of babies and keeps them cozy.
  4. Sleigh Cribs
    These are the decorative form of cribs. They are stylish and just plain beautiful. They are similar to the adult sleigh beds in style and shape. This also makes them quite expensive as the wood used in them is of very high quality. The design is not simple which also helps in pushing up the cost. You are getting style and design with these cribs. In purchasing these keep in mind that these are a stylish kind and many of the features of other cribs such as bumpers might not fit so well with it. You can find some really nice sleigh cribs that are designed to be convertible cribs which can save you money in the long run.
    Other Types of Cribs for Newborns
    Many people prefer other types of cribs for newborns. These are generally more confined and give the baby a sense of well-being and snugness.
  5. Moses Basket
    This is a real basket designed for your baby. It is portable and is snug for your baby. It is generally woven like a traditional basket but shaped perfectly for your baby. Keep in mind that you should never trust the handles as they experience the strain of carrying your baby and can give out very easily.
  6. Bassinet
    This is a small version of the rounded crib and allows the baby a place to sleep that can be moved near his mother. They are quite a bit smaller than a crib and is great for those midnight feedings times. Because the bassinet is much smaller, it is also a little more delicate. You can knock it over if you are not careful. These are beautiful and can be very decorative in your nursery.
  7. Cradle
    For hundreds of years, babies slept in cradles. They were found with rockers on them so the mother could rock the baby to sleep as she mended, cooked, or did other household chores. Some cultures even had them designed to be a swing. Today, this is not a common type of crib but can still be found if you look hard enough. For safety, make sure the cradle has conformed in style and safety to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is especially important if you are using one that is a family heirloom.
  8. Portable or Travel Cribs
    This type was a life saver with my youngest child. These are smaller than most cribs and can be converted to a playpen when baby is not sleeping. The crib portion is usually a mess bassinet piece that fits in the upper portion. It is also great for changing diapers. These are great when you travel. Staying in hotels can be a hassle when you don’t have the crib with you. Sleeping in the car seat is not always the best solution. Having the portable or travel crib can make life easier. This is true even when staying with family. If you get the ones that are designed for multi-purpose such as playpens or playards, you get the best of all worlds. You don’t have to carry multiple contraptions with you. Space is usually important which means if you can get one item to serve as a bed, playpen, changing table, and a sense of being at home, you should grab it. Many swear by these. I used them with my child and they were wonderful. It might not be a bad idea to have one at home and one at grandma’s, too.
    Never use a crib where any piece is torn whether it is wood or mesh. There should not be any loose pieces to a crib and all mattresses should be in good condition and not torn.

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